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HR Solutions Born From Inquiries Screening Expertise

In a world where instant information rules, Inquiries Screening fuses technology and human insight into clear and actionable intelligence for any HR leader.

Background Screening and Compliance Solutions

Our relentless focus on pre employment screening accuracy keeps goverment agencies and employers safe from needless and expensive litigation. Inquiries Screening’s rule-based workflow engine presents the latest FCRA and client-specific forms and releases to ensure compliance, and is fully configurable to match your internal processes.
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Inquiries Screening offers several options for fingerprint capture through our FBI Channeling and state fingerprint contracts as well as strategic partnerships with a vast nationwide network of Live Scan locations.
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State Repository Records Support

From disposition retrieval to adjudication, expungement and administrative support, Inquiries Screening offers solution driven options that reduce costs, increase throughput and ensure state and federal compliance.
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HCM Technology

Proprietary, platform-neutral and mobile-enabled technology reduces applicant inquiries and provides a world-class candidate experience. Our completely paperless pre employment screening solution integrates pre-hire screening and post-hire onboarding to seamlessly support the entire talent acquisition life cycle.
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Executive Intelligence

Use a trusted background screening company to protect your business from potentially serious exposure by the damaging actions of executive candidates. Our Executive Intelligence team of criminologists and law enforcement, legal, and compliance experts will vet your high-caliber job candidates through our executive screening process and shield your brand and reputation from unethical deception.
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Configurable and Compatible

Our employment screening technology is 100 percent configurable and compatible with any ATS — every client can build a process that works seamlessly within their current processes.


Accuracy Rate

The best in the industry! Our competitive advantage is our ability to provide an accurate, timely, and legally compliant pre employment background check, meeting client objectives and maintaining high-quality client and candidate experiences.


Class-action Lawsuits

Our unblemished history reveals NO complaints to regulatory agencies and NO class-action lawsuits — a testament to our thoroughness, quality, and compliance as one of the country’s premier background screening companies.

Absolute Authority, Efficient Technology, Broad Expertise

Companies and Government Agencies that depend on clear, actionable insight for accurate, defensible decisions depend on Inquiries Screening expertise, experience, and best practices for background screenings, compliance, HCM technology, and executive intelligence.

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